Introducing The Draw-It-Yourself Bible


The Draw-It-Yourself Bible is your very own personalised Bible with the illustrations you like for your favourite Bible stories. To maximise the opportunities for illustration all the inside pages are blank high-quality drawing paper. This can be supplied to the customer hardback or softback in any translation you desire. The front cover includes an inspiring picture to get you started. Drawing legitimacy from the monks of old, the back cover gives the reader permission to copy (by hand) as many verses from any translation of the Bible as they choose to accompany any of their pictures as they choose (but not to sell the resulting work in whole or part).

The Draw-It-Yourself Bible is available in all sizes from a pulpit edition down to a very portable A7 compact edition. The unique selling point of this pocket edition is that, unlike most small Bibles, the Bible text can be as large as the customer chooses (up to around 320 point or one letter on each page). There is a children’s version available which is especially intended for wax crayons, felt pens and watercolours, palm printing, potato printing and indeed most pasta-based artwork.

Draw-It-Yourself Bible is of course available in any language you choose.

Draw-It-Yourself Bible © Peter Thomas 2017 is now available through our new proprietorial way of selling books, “Cover On Demand” © distribution! The major overheads with any books are printing the copies and sending those out to the retailers. Here is the genius of my new production and distribution technique “Cover on Demand”. Retailers themselves source the inner pages for the Draw-it-Yourself Bible. Any decent stationers will offer a suitable range of papers and bindings. I will supply the cover artwork, including the exclusive permission to copy Bible verses by hand (on a very reasonably-priced renewable annual licence). The retailer will then print the cover on to a suitable self-adhesive medium and attach that to the book, thus creating the finished Draw-it-Yourself Bible. Retailers are free to set their own prices for this highly marketable product.

Contact me directly at my usual address for your “Cover On Demand” artwork licence and I will add you to our email list for exclusive advance notice of more inspirational products including our forthcoming Read-it-Yourself Audio Bibles.

DIY GREEK Bible – especially for Ordinands and Ministers in Training

The Greek New Testament version of the Draw-It-Yourself Bible is proving amazingly popular with theological students. Apparently the Bible is the only book they are allowed to take into chapel during prayers and there they are permitted to annotate their Bibles as inspiration strikes! However some ministerial students are nervous that their tutors might recognise that this is a Draw-It-Yourself imprint rather than one of the recognised original text editions. I have reassured them that the likelihood of any of their tutors being able to read NT Greek is vanishingly small, but I understand their concerns.
In order to be certain that they are never caught out, a substantial number of students have grouped together to request that I produce a Draw-It-Yourself Greek NT but without the distinctive Draw-It-Yourself title on the front. But if I bow to their pleading and do offer a version with simply “H Καινή Διαθήκη” on the cover I would be compromising the integrity of the brand


The Draw-It-Yourself Prayer Book is the new companion to the Draw-It-Yourself Bible. Each page is available to be lavishly illustrated to accompany your own choice of classic and contemporary prayers, which the exclusive licence on the back cover gives you permission to transcribe. Hardback or softback, any size pocket A7 to pulpit A4+. The great advantage of this publication over all others is that the reader is not constrained by the traditional order of the prayers. ACTS can be replaced by CAST or STAC, or even the very popular animal-lovers’ favourite, CATS,

Available direct from me, or from any Christian Bookseller under unique Cover On Demand ©  distribution. The Draw-It-Yourself Bible with Cover on Demand (Peanut Butter Flavour) is wholeheartedly recommended by Dogs in Ministry!


Artistic Editor of FURRED WAY - Sophie with her mother Poppy and sister Willow are the founders of Dogs in Ministry

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