History of Dogs in Ministry

Dogs in Ministry is the worldwide FaceBook Group celebrating dogs who share in the work of Christian Ministry.

How did Dogs in Ministry begin? 
As we welcome more and more new colleagues to the Group, some may be interested in how it all began. 
It was Sunday 26th April 2015 at the end of an exhausting day of ministry. My colleague black spaniel Poppy was expecting her puppies a week later and I was unwinding enjoying Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. It was in the middle of the loud bit with the tank when I heard squeaking from the other sofa and two puppies had already been born. Three weeks later they looked like this.

It was a day afterwards that golden Sophie told us she wanted to stay with us and train for the ministry.

Shortly afterwards her chocolate sable sister Willow received her call to become Pastoral Canon of Coventry Cathedral and not much later their brother Bailey was also called to the manse. Together they make up the Furry Trinity.

To give enough time to care for the puppies I had strategically planned to take Sabbatical leave. So it was that I had far too much time on my hands taking pictures of puppies and so Dogs in Ministry was created to bring together my dear friends in ministry and their canine colleagues. We never dreamed that three years later there would be 365 members of this weird group. Founder members Poppy and Sophie, Dotty and Cinders, Willow and Libby and Mash warmly welcome all our new friends.

And in case anybody was wondering about the Patron Saint of Dogs in Ministry.



Peter is Chief Dogsbody and Minion of Dogs in Ministry