Jesus loves me

Ransomed, healed, restored

Jesus is Lord

Only by grace

Bold I approach

Lost now found

Dead now alive

Crucified, Risen, Returning

Heaven not hell

Love, joy, peace

Crucified, died, risen

Alive in Christ

Alive for evermore

Fulness of life

Christ in you

Children of God

No condemnation now

Jesus is alive!

God helped me

Let God Help

Knowing God personally

God did that!

God with us

Almighty, all-knowing, ever-present

Dear or alive?

See, love, follow

Believer, follower, messenger

Caterpillar into butterfly

Death to life

Darkness to light

Enemies into friends

Save Our Souls

White as snow

Pretty amazing grace

Many of these 3-word gospels came from church members who were invited to create their own