Some Inquirer’s courses are much more accessible than others. In Evangelism which way now? Mike Booker and Mark Ireland evaluate contemporary strategies for evangelism. Courses for Inquirers like Alpha and Christianity Explored can be very helpful but both are long and demand significant prior understanding. Emmaus Nurture from Church House Publishing is more accessible. Courses which are shorter and start “further back” from commitment to Christ include Start! (CPAS) and The Y Course (Agape). Essence (Kingsway) has been written especially for “New Age” seekers. The pre-evangelistic  WellSprings Course for ladies written by Rev Leesa McKay is based around refreshment and pampering {see Idea11}. More courses are listed in Idea21.

Research shows that courses developed “in-house” are very often more effective for Inquirers than commercial materials. These can be simple Evangelistic Bible Studies, “Agnostics Anonymous”, Meal-with a Message” or “Grill the Vicar” {see Idea4} occasions. Courses can be built around books or videos. I have developed a 6-week course called “Meet Jesus” based on the DVD Jesus of Nazareth, starring Robert Powell as Jesus, with an accompanying booklet {see Idea6}.