Churches will want to build periodic evangelistic events and activities into their programmes. The Barna research indicated that more than a quarter of practising Christians believe that “attending (a) church service(s) (other than weddings and funerals)” had positively influenced them in becoming a Christian. Highlights will be services of Believer’s Baptism which will normally surely be outreach opportunities built around the testimony and the baptism alongside a gospel message which is aimed at guests and visitors, with an appeal offering ways to respond and find out more. Not everybody will want to make all their Sunday services Willow Creek style “Seeker Services” but surely all churches will want to plan periodic special “Guest Services” or “Seeker-Sensitive Services”, not least taking seasonal opportunities such as New Year, Valentine’s Day, Lent, Easter, Pentecost, Summer Holiday, Harvest, Halloween/“Light Parties”, Remembrance and Christmas. On these occasions “less is more” and “overwhelmingly generous hospitality” will give valuable opportunities for conversations