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WHO AM I ?   After studying and teaching science and computing I then studied theology at London School of Theology and have been a Baptist Minister for the last 35 years in Tunbridge Wells, Borehamwood, Brentwood and currently North Springfield in Chelmsford. I serve on the Council of the Eastern Baptist  Association and for seven years was Treasurer of The College of Baptist Ministers. There is a longer biography page here. 

I have published two books, Making Disicples One-to-One (2008) and Prepared To Give An Answer (2016). You can find more details of these books on this page of books and more.

In spare time I play piano and guitar, do all sorts of things with computers, websites and blogs, write books and look after our spaniels Poppy and Sophie, who together are the founders of the international ecumenical Facebook Group Dogs In Ministry  See also our website


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