This is a self-published book produced by the church containing a number of testimonies of church members interspersed with various gospel and apologetic messages. As well as giving to existing contacts the book is offered to all visitors to services and events and members are encouraged to give copies as gifts to their friends and families. For some, simply giving the gift is a bold act of witness.

In addition to the benefits to readers (Christians and not-yet-Christians) those who contributed their testimonies gained confidence by sharing their stories.

The book gives all the Christians an opening for conversations about Jesus and sharing their own faith.




At North Springfield Baptist Church our book contained the following content:



The journey of coming to know Jesus
God is with us in the difficult times
God speaks to us today
God saved our son’s life
A child long hoped for
God lifted the weight off my shoulders
The difference Jesus makes as we face death
Meeting Jesus through a friend
God drew me to church
Jesus gives us peace
Our daily walk with Jesus
God’s healing power
God guided us to our new home
How Steve became a Christian
God cares for us – however young or old
Jesus helps us to change
God provides for our needs
Meeting Jesus through our friends
God answers our prayers and He knows best

What is God like? The loving father and the lost son
How do you see the world?
Why do Christians trust the Bible?
Finding your ways to meet with God
Sunrise over the Alps – meeting God in His Creation
What is a Christian?
Who is Jesus? Mad, bad or God?
Good Friday – who died, why?
What could the death of Jesus mean to me?
Easter Sunday – didn’t He used to be dead?
Dead or alive?
New leaf or new life?
God change me!



With a view to giving away as widely as possible 1000 copies were produced for less than £700 using  The cost for a few hundred copies would still be under £1 each. With more work and creative skill but at a much lower cost, the testimonies and messages could be produced on a DVD to give away.DJM