Prepared to Answer is a programme of teaching and activities helping every member of our church to become more confident and wise, bold and effective at talking about Jesus with friends, neighbours and colleagues.

As the sermons are delivered they are posted online at

For convenience the sermons are listed and linked from here.

Prepared to answer – introducing the theme

The Spreading Word – evangelism in Acts

Just what is the Good News?

Praying for our evangelism

Why we don’t and why we should talk about Jesus

Sharing my story

What makes you believe that God exists?

Red Herrings and Excuses

Can we trust the Bible? 

What happens when we die?

How can we believe in God in a world so full of suffering?

What is the point of life?

Is Jesus the only way to God?

What makes you believe that God exists?

Other sermons in the series will be posted in the weeks to come.

The following sermons preached previously are also highly relevant to the theme of “Prepared to Answer”.

Life in all its fullness

In the beginning, God

Just how did God make the world?