Available from http://shop.agape.org.uk/mindthegap.html which also gives many more details.

This 6-session DVD and discussion course comes somewhere between an Inquirers’ Course and training in personal evangelism. It helps churches and small groups think through principles of outreach and evangelism in the light of the gap between churches and the communities we are seeking to serve and reach. The course comes with Leaders’ Guide and Participants’ Workbooks as well as a wealth of supplementary materials. The six sessions cover

  1. The Big Picture – Understanding where we are and shaping our plan
  2. But I’m just an ordinary Christian – Discovering how everyone can have an influence
  3. Great Expectations – Running attractive relevant events and courses
  4. Will anyone turn up – Inviting people in the best way to the right event
  5. I don’t have all the answers – Discussing faith without putting them off
  6. Who will we leave out – Reaching beyond the church fringe

I cannot recommend “Mind the Gap” highly enough!