College of Baptist Ministers

The College of Baptist Ministers is a community of colleagues supporting and encouraging one another in Christian ministry in Baptist Churches in the UK.

I serve as Treasurer and Webmaster for The College of Baptist Ministers


Resources and Training.

A regular newsletter.

Resources: academic and sabbatical studies, research, courses, documents and media.

Advisors sharing expertise and experience.

Sabbatical suggestions.

Peer mentoring and spiritual direction.

Guidelines & Facilitators for Reviews of Ministry.

Our nine-stranded approach to Continuing Ministerial Development with your own Personal CMD Portfolio.

Gifts and massive reductions on purchase prices of books on ministry.


Advice, Assistance and Support.

Code of Ethics in Ministry.

Guidelines and Policies on good practice.

Professional standing among colleagues and churches.

Telephone Helpline for Members

Find out more at The College of Baptist Ministers website


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