Very many outreach and evangelism events and activities work better if churches cooperate in them. Here are just a few of the kinds of opportunities churches in a locality can grasp better by working together and few could achieve on their own.

  • A Christmas message from the churches to the 10,000 people gathered as the Council switch on the Christmas Lights.
  • A Good Friday procession of witness with hundreds joining for a town-centre united service.
  • A Family Fun Day in the park attracting thousands.
  • A tent mission with a big-name speaker drawing in hundreds each evening.
  • A huge “On The Move” barbecue mission giving thousands of passers-by a free lunch. See idea E10.
  • A full page editorial advertisement in the local free newspaper combining a striking image, message and testimony alongside details of all the churches’ Christmas or Easter services.
  • Door to door leaflet or free book or DVD distribution to the whole town.
  • A door-to-door visitation or community survey project for the whole town.
  • A “Churches Fair” in a public space with stalls from all the churches including refreshments and opportunities to talk or receive prayer.
  • Many groups seized imaginative opportunities around Olympics 2012 and the Olympic Flame, or around the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee in 2012. Other major local and national events will give similar opportunities in the future.