We can give away FREE GIFTS to contacts and visitors to particular special events. Could be the gift of a New Testament, or a DVD such as Viz a Viz “More to Life” and “More to Christmas”. The Billy Graham Evangelistic Association has produced a number of excellent DVDs cheap enough to give away.

We have produced a book of testimonies “The Difference Jesus Makes” see Idea2.

WHAT ELSE CAN WE GIVE AWAY? As well as seasonal cards and invitations: DVD or DVD of church events/testimonies;  leaflets/booklets on topical issues; Regular NEWSLETTERS to contacts / fringe. “Welcome to neighbourhood” packs; Easter eggs; Babysitting vouchers;  Joint publicity/outreach with other churches.  Give away little gifts with invitations. We should be regularly sending home letters or literature for all fringe contacts e.g. church magazine to build up relationships and sense of belonging.