Churches with a dedicated “sanctuary” area have a permanent witness to those who enter it. Churches with a multipurpose building may have the advantage of a greater footfall with daily Pre-School, weekly Toddler Group, Drop In, youth activities and other groups. But the disadvantage is that elements of Christian witness can get lost in the busyness of the hall.

Hence a “Prayer Place” or “Reflection Point”: a substantial board to focus the gospel witness in one place. The purpose is to catch the attention of visitors and guests, rather than speaking to Christians. It is intended to evoke a spiritual response, e.g. prayer, worship, reflection, inquiry. Our “Place for Prayer” contains the following elements.

  • Headline – changing every 4 weeks
  • Central Poster – changing every 2 weeks
  • Verse of the week – changing weekly
  • Prayer of the week – changing weekly
  • Digital photo-frame – sequence of images changing automatically to attract attention
  • Short thought or testimony – changing every 2 weeks
  • “Explaining …..” changing every 4 weeks: topics could be Church, What is a Christian? Prayer, The Bible, Worship, Baptism, Faith, Knowing God, Discipleship, Who was Jesus? Christmas, Easter, Finding your Spiritual Pathway

Where to go to find help, and want to know more?

Prayer place