OVERVIEW: A café style evening in the church aimed at our existing fringe with worthwhile activities designed to build relationships. Thursday or Friday evenings open 7.00-9.30 pm focal point activity at 7.30 or 8 pm. Monthly on published programme / invitation cards.

AIMED AT:  church members and congregation bringing their neighbours and friends; fringe contacts thro organisations etc; anybody else brought in through publicity, programme cards etc

FORMAT:  a café (with customers paying, members probably treating their guests) serving good coffee and teas, smoothies, and desserts possibly with a “health food” and/or fair trade flavour. Somewhere you go after evening meal for a dessert and good company. Relaxed café ambiance, background music, pretty images on the screen etc.

FOCAL POINT:  something worth listening to. Possible kinds of themes for TALKS:

  • “Helping children ….” to enjoy reading / to understand maths / to settle into school / to be creative / choose a secondary school / with their homework / with discipline.
  • “First Aid everybody should know”
  • “An evening in ….” Uganda / Bulgaria / New Zealand / Russia etc etc etc.
  • “Helping a friend through …” (better than being called, but actually also “How to cope yourself with … ”) …. Illness / depression / Redundancy / bereavement / caring for a relative / etc.

Alternatively WORKSHOPS – short talks followed by people chatting/helping each other/ sharing a passion.

  • “How to get started with …” OR “How to get the most out of ….” the internet / email and messaging / Facebook / Twitter / digital cameras / making movies / your new IPOD / Sudoku / tracing your Family Tree.
  • “We all love …..” Doctor Who / West Wing / The Soaps / Snooker / our pets / etc,

PLUS – performances of GOOD music – art / craft / sewing /gardening workshops – scrabble evening etc.

POSSIBLE VARIATION: “The Good Life Lunch” – different clientele, 12.00 to 2.30 pm – café style simple lunch (customers still pay), similar themed activities. Could run lunch at lunchtime and cafe that evening or previous day.