The Whole Story – a Sermon Series and a Whole Lot More

All ministers want to encourage our congregations in the habits of daily devotional reading and personal Bible Study. To this end each week we publish the Bible passages for the following Sunday’s sermons. From time to time we let everybody choose from the wide variety of styles of Bible reading notes to try out – it is usually possible to get out-of-date issues of dated notes free or very cheaply. We give space in our services and Home Groups for folk to share what they have been learning and what God has been saying to them in their personal readings. But the most effective way I have found to draw people into personal Bible reading and study is a programme I developed called “The Whole Story”.

The idea is to inspire everybody to set aside time each day for personal Bible reading by integrating that into the teaching programme of the church across sermons and Home Group studies. At a suitable time in the year, everybody is invited to join in the exciting challenge of reading the entire New Testament over thirteen weeks. The Participants’ Guide sets a portion of the New Testament to read each day. Then the sermon on the following Sunday Morning and the Home Group Study for that week each unpack a major theme from the New Testament books covered in that week’s set readings.

First created in 2009, The Whole Story has been used successfully by a number of churches of different sizes in varying settings. Many people are encouraged because everybody in the church is reading the same thing and this inspires some to explore daily Bible reading for the first time. Publicity launching the programme highlights the advantages of reading through the whole of the New Testament with these words.

On top of the great value of reading each passage you also gain:

  • The Big Picture – an overview of all the books of the New Testament;
  • Where does it fit? See familiar passages in their wider context;
  • Filling the gaps – reading parts of the New Testament you haven’t read for years, or maybe have never read;
  • The whole book – you will read all but ten of the books in a single reading each;
  • The satisfaction of completing the whole of the New Testament, especially if you have not read every part before;
  • Discover the benefits of the habit of reading the Bible every day.

The Participants’ Guide which is given free to everybody is a simple 28 page A5 booklet giving a pattern of daily readings which take around 15-20 minutes, interweaving Gospels and Letters. Participants are invited to jot down a verse which strikes them from each reading, together with a few thoughts from the passage. People can be encouraged to share these thoughts in services or Home Groups. The Guide also includes the questions for the Home Group Studies for that week, which individuals are invited to think about for themselves or discuss with friends even if they do not go to a Home Group.

Here is the programme for the Sermons and Studies fitting in with the daily readings.

Week 1            Sermon: Eleven Great Reasons to Read the Bible

Study: Matthew The Teachings of Jesus

Week 2            Sermon: Galatians The One True Gospel

Study: Philippians Everyday Christian Living

Week 3            Sermon: 2 Thessalonians Do Not Let Anyone Deceive You

Study: Acts: The Earliest Church

Week 4            Sermon: Colossians Mature in Christ

Study: Hebrews How Great Christ Is!

Week 5            Sermon: Ephesians God’s New Community

Study: John Knowing God as Father

Week 6            Sermon: Philemon Forgiveness

Study: 1 Thessalonians The Return of the Lord

Week 7            Sermon: James James on Prayer

Study: 1 Corinthians Spiritual Gifts and the Body of Christ

Week 8            Sermon: 2 Corinthians The Marks of Ministry

Study: Mark The Good News of God’s Kingdom

Week 9            Sermon: 1 Peter A Call to Holiness

Study: Acts: The Spreading Flame

Week 10          Sermon: Jude Warnings Against Godless Men

Study: Romans Right with God

Week 11          Sermon: Titus

Study: Luke: Poverty and riches

Week 12          Sermon: 2 Timothy Guard the Gospel

Study: 1 John Love One Another

Week 13          Sermon: Luke on women

Study: Revelation Christ Triumphant!

End of course  Sermon: 1 Timothy Three Trustworthy Sayings

Most of the sermons preached in this programme are online at under the category of The Whole Story.

The full text of the Participants’ Guide can be downloaded as a pdf file

The Whole Story Participants Guide PDF


Anybody is welcome to print copies and use without cost but respect for copyright and acknowledgement of authorship would be nice.

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