“The Ministry of Truth” Simulation

A simulation or role-play helps us enter into very different situations in ways that we cannot do simply by reading about them.

“Remember those in prison as if you were their fellow prisoners, and those who are mistreated as if you yourselves were suffering.” (Hebrews 13:3)

Imagine and talk about what we would do if we woke up one morning to the following.



The British Government and People recognise that the chief barriers to the stability and growth of our nation are the superstitious myths and lies perpetuated as religion. To assist those groups and individuals trapped in such errors, there has been established the Ministry of Truth, empowered and instructed to take such steps as may be necessary completely to free our society from the evil influences of religion in any form. To this end, the Ministry of Truth decree the following statutes:



  1. Henceforward the practice of any tradition or ritual of a religious nature is expressly prohibited.


  1. No assembly in the name or for the purposes of religion is permitted.


  1. All activity, habitual or occasional, motivated by religious considerations, must cease.


  1. All teaching of religion and promotion of religious ideology is forbidden.


  1. All recorded material, written, audio, visual or machine-readable, deemed to be of a religious nature, is immediately to be destroyed. Possession of the same is a serious offence.


  1. All property and possessions of religious organisations, and of employees of the latter, are immediately placed under the control of the Ministry of Truth, pending consideration of their redistribution for the general benefit of society.


These statutes come into operation from midnight. Those individuals denying their rational humanity by contravening any of these statutes will thereby relinquish their rights as citizens, but will then receive all possible guidance and help from the Ministry of Truth.




“The Ministry of Truth” – A Roleplay-Simulation        © Peter Thomas 1980  www.pbthomas.com

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