10 Ways to Share my Faith this Christmas

1. Cards
Send Christian cards! Send cards with a nativity picture and a Christmas message inside.
2. Presents
Give Christian books, videos or DVDs. The best selling celebrity calendar is of Cliff Richard! This year again we will have “More to Christmas” DVD cards from Viz-a-Viz.
3. “Praying for you” cards
God answers prayer! It is good for us to offer to pray for our friends and neighbours and our “Praying for you” cards are an easy way to do help us to do this.
4. Decorations
Make yours Christian! We will have some Christian posters to put in windows. Wear a badge or piece of jewellery or use a car sticker to “advertise” that you are a Christian.
5. Party time
Hospitality does not have to mean a dinner party. There is no better time than Christmas to break the ice by inviting neighbours over for coffee and mince pies some time. Tis the season to be jolly. Home Groups could organise an event together to invite neighbours and friends.
6. Carol singing
“For many people, carols conjure up the almost forgotten magical, white Christmases of our childhood, exciting presents and a simple belief in the mystery of Christmas.” Start a conversation about Jesus with the words of well-known carols. “Hark! The herald angels sing: ‘Glory to the new-born King! Peace on earth, and mercy mild, God and sinners reconciled!’
7. It’s CHRISTmas
It’s not X-mas, it’s CHRISTmas! There wouldn’t be a Christmas without Christ – so let’s make sure we keep Christ at the centre of Christmas ourselves.
8. Think of others
Think about other people this Christmas. Neighbours are allowed to be nice to each other at Christmas!
9. Talk about Jesus
Gossip the gospel – taking every opportunity to tell people the real meaning of Christmas.
Try to find something better to say to everybody than “Happy Christmas”. Try “Peace be with you” or “God Bless you this Christmas time!” You’re allowed to be religious! It’s Christmas!
10. Pray
Always talk to God about your friends before you talk to your friends about God. Pray for opportunities to talk about Jesus this Christmas.

The world has forgotten the real meaning of Christmas. Shops and restaurants and television have hijacked Christmas. Time to plan ahead. Let’s do our best to reclaim this Christmas for Christ!

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