This Blog contains all my sermons and Bible studies from my 12 years from 2010 to 2023as minister of North Springfield Baptist Church in Chelmsford, UK. (I am now enjoying retirement.)

There are more than 800 sermons in over 90 separate series and more than a hundred Bible Study outlines in a dozen series. All the series are listed in the left sidebar and the most recent sermons and studies are in the list to the right. You can use the search box to find sermons and studies referring to any Bible books, characters or topics.

For the last two years all these sermons have been recorded on video. You can watch them in the NSBC Facebook Group

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More recently some of the videos have also been posted in the YouTube Channel for
North Springfield Baptist Church Chelmsford UK

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You might also enjoy my second blog of occasional Reflections on Theology, Ministry and Mission.

You can find this at www.pbthomas.com/thoughts

Recent posts there include:

  • My friend gave up praying when her goldfish died
  • Why do we serve God?
  • Regaining momentum.
  • Through Lent with Jesus of Nazareth – a Viewing Plan
  • It’s all Wombatularity;
  • Church Life After Covid19;
  • Synoptic Gospels Course Manual and Old Testament Survey Course Manual; these were two second year degree courses delivered to Kaniki Bible University College in Zambia.

My Thoughts blog also contains longer articles including

  • Juggling With Chickens – Pastoral Ministry in Practice;
  • The Prophethood of All Believers;
  • Is the Longer Ending of Mark Holy Scripture – a summary of my MA dissertation on the Nature of Biblical Authority;
  • Handy Extra Learning Packs – resources for Christian Education Course 1 – Understanding The New Testament

Taking Every Opportunity

How can ministers and churches help Christians to talk about Jesus more boldly and wisely, confidently and effectively?
The fruit of three months of Sabbatical study of outreach and evangelism is online as a third blog which you can find at


This site includes a blog of 42 Great Outreach Ideas and a number of longer articles, including

  • Taking Every Opportunity – Conversations About Jesus
  • Preaching the Gospel Necessarily Includes Words;
  • Prepared to Answer – a series of sermons helping Christians to be ready to share their faith

My Books

Making Disciples One-To-One: Courses For Christian Growth (2008)

including “Fan The Flame” a Guided Course in Discipleship for mature believers.
Prepared To Give An Answer (2016)
Helping Christians to talk about Jesus more wisely and boldly, confidently and effectively.

More details of these on the BOOKS page.