Fan The Flame – a Guided Course in Discipleship

Fan The Flame is a course intended for established Christians who want to press on and grow as disciples of Jesus Christ. Five units each contain five sections including a brief introduction, Bible readings, questions to consider and suggestions for prayer and practical activities. At the end of each unit, perhaps weekly or fortnightly, the participant meets for 1-2 hours with a Guide to discuss and reflect on what they have been learning and discovering.

Fan The Flame has been used in a number of churches with now more than 100 participants. It has proved to be an excellent way for mature Christians to stretch themselves and for ministers to open up worthwhile discussions with their members.

The topics covered in Fan the Flame are:-

1) Knowing God better
a) Loving God and enjoying your relationship with God
b) Devotional Bible reading and understanding the Bible, doctrine and ethics
c) Worship
d) Your devotional prayer life
e) Intercessory prayer

2) Becoming like Jesus
a) Repentance and Holiness
b) Christian Victory and Overcoming Temptation
c) The Renewed Mind
d) The Fruit of the Spirit and Mastering your Emotions
e) Total surrender to the Lordship of Christ

3) Living in Christ’s body
a) Amazing Grace! Forgiving yourself
b) Forgiving other people – wounds needing healing
c) Loving other Christians and sorting out relationships
d) Church – Living in Fellowship and Community
e) Belonging and Accountability

4) Becoming a servant
a) The Cross as our example of sacrifice
b) Serving in the church
c) Being a faithful Steward
d) Loving our neighbour
e) Our Witness to the World

5) Be filled with the Spirit
a) Sharing Christ’s resurrection life – the empowering Spirit
b) The gifts of the Holy Spirit – Serving in God’s strength
c) Signs and wonders – the surprising Spirit
d) Passion for God
e) “Be filled with the Spirit” – experiencing the Holy Spirit

POSTSCRIPT: How you being a Guide can help other Disciples

If any friends would like a PDF copy of Fan The Flame just drop me an email.

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