AT LAST – some studies!!!

After posting every sermon I preach here, at last here are the Bible Studies which our Home Groups at North Springfield Baptist Church have followed over the last three years. Each series contains typically 6-10 studies with Bible passages to read, questions to think about, suggestions for prayer or meditation and sometimes other activities as well. All the topics are posted under the category of Bible Study Notes and the subjects so far are as follows:
• Waiting for the Messiah – three Advent Bible Studies
• The Sermon on the Mount – Matthew 5-7
• Not Hearers Only – The Letter of James
• Knowing God Better
• Hope in a hope-starved world
• Hearing God Speak to Us
• Evangelism in the Early Church – Bible Studies in Acts 1-8
• The Life of David
• Bible Characters
• Be Holy – Studies in 1 Peter
• Knocked down but never knocked out – studies in 2 Corinthians

Feel free to use these notes in your church in any way you like – although if you cared to mention who wrote them that would be nice, and if you cared to let me know how they have worked for you that would be even nicer:)

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