Sharing my story workshop

Over lunch we spent a quarter of an hour each talking around our tables about of these questions.

1. Each talk for 1-2 minutes about something which you are passionate about (beware of the spaniels!!!)

2. Share for with your friends 1-2 minutes what is your favourite Bible story about Jesus or your favourite hymn/song, and why.

3. Talk for 1-2 minutes about a way Jesus makes a difference in your life.
a. Response by others “I liked the way …..” / “I like what you said about ….

4. Talk for 1-2 minutes about a prayer God has answered or a way God has helped you in your life.
a. Responses as before

5. Talk for 1-2 minutes about how you came to know Jesus, You might mention
a. Somebody who has had a big impact on your life
b. An event or activity which was significant in your journey to faith
c. A church which influenced you in some way
d. Responses as before

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