Everyday Christian Living – a series of discussions

This course was written over 25 years ago for Tunbridge Wells Baptist Church Learning Centre and published by the Baptist Union in 1992 as part of Handy Extra Learning Pack (HELP) 1 which I co-authored. The original course contained the following units. We may not look at all of them, in particular we covered Unit 8 comprehensively in “Prepared To Answer”.
1. Integrity: white lies and speed limits
2. “Box”ing clever
3. To everything there is a season
4. Whose money is it anyway?
5. Never mind Sunday trading, what about Sunday buying?
6. To abstain or not to abstain?
7. The meaning of “Church Membership”
8. How to give away your faith

We will take one week to talk about “Leave or Remain: the Referendum on the European Union”.
We will also look at any other topics on Christian Living which you would like to suggest.
For each week there will be a page of notes like this available in advance on paper and also online at www.pbthomas.com/blog which you may like to think about before the evening.

There aren’t many which are really practical! These are helpful:-
Michael Griffiths ‘‘Consistent Christianity’’ (IVP)
A.N.Triton ‘‘Whose World?’’ (SU)
William MacDonald ‘‘True Discipleship’’ (STL)
David Watson ‘‘Discipleship’’ (Hodder)
John White ‘‘The Fight’’ & ‘‘The Race’’ (IVP)
Larry Christenson ‘‘The Renewed Mind’’
A.W.Tozer any title starts you thinking

There is a separate “Leader’s Guide” which contains further material. Each week his will be posted online after our discussion

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