Integrity: White Lies and Speed Limits

Aim: To consider the meaning of integrity and honesty in everyday issues.

Questions for discussion
1. A little child draws the most revolting ‘‘picture’’ and asks you, ‘‘Do you like it?’’ What is your answer? How do you respond to similar questions about a lady’s new dress / hair-do?
2. You have use of the office telephone for business calls but there is no procedure for paying for personal calls. Everybody still uses the phone for such personal calls (at the company’s expense). Do you? What about private mileage in a company car?
3. Your income tax is deducted by your employers and you never need to fill in an Income Tax Return. After doing an odd job for a neighbour they insist on paying you very generously for the work. Do you declare this income?
4. A dear relative is in hospital. The doctors have warned you that the end in imminent but that knowledge of this would discourage the patient too much. The person asks, ‘‘Am I going to be alright?’’ What do you reply? P.S. Does it make any difference whether the relative is a Christian?
5. A straight wide stretch of road has a 30 MPH speed limit. Should a Christian obey that speed limit? Does it make any difference if the time is 3 a.m. and there is no other traffic on the road? What about at 3 p.m. when all the other traffic is travelling at 40 MPH at least?
6. You are aware that a couple who are good friends of yours are going through a sticky patch in their marriage. You are out having a meal in a nearby town when into the restaurant comes the husband with a lady who is not his wife. What do you do?_
The next day his wife phones you and says, ‘‘He says he went out with you for a meal last night. Is he telling the truth?’’ What should / would you reply?

Bible passages
What can we learn from the Bible to help us in making the ‘‘right’’ decisions in such matters of honesty and integrity? What relevance might the following passages have?
Exodus 20:16
Matthew 5:37
Joshua 2:1-6
compared with Heb 11:31, James 2:25
Any other passages you can suggest?

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