To Everything there is a Season LEADERS’ GUIDE

AIM: To explore the ways as Christians we use our time and our talents

Introduction and Bible Base (see passages below) 5 min
Discussion of Time analysis (page 5) 15 – 25 min
Priorities – Leader/discussion (page 5) 10 min
Practicalities – discussion (page 5) AND/OR 10 min
ALTERNATIVE – Using our talents 10 min
Conclusion: Introduce unit 4 (HAND OUT page 6 THIS week!) 5 min

We are redeemed people (1 Cor 6:19-20). “Our” time belongs to God and we are accountable for how we use it. God our Father wants us to enjoy our lives and to be fulfilled, but this can only happen when our relationship with Him is as it could be. God does have a master-plan in which His church are His co-workers, and each of us must play his/her part.

QUOTE: “Christians today are too busy. Nobody doubts their sincerity, but everybody doubts their love.” (Paul Tournier)

Consider practical answers to some of the issues below, even if they demand changes in our church programmes or family lifestyles.
* Many Christians’ diaries are overcrowded with “Church” events – while others give too little time to growing in their faith and serving the Lord.
* Most recognise the priority of family life in theory, but too often “family time” is squeezed out in practice.
* Comparisons of the time spent watching TV or reading a daily newspaper (or even doing the crossword) with time spent in Bible Reading and personal prayer are very challenging.
* Many choose to pursue careers or hobbies which make great demands on time and energy – sometimes at the expense of Christian and family life. Others sacrifice “secular” career to devote themselves to Christian service either full or part time. Is either option preferable?
* Many Christians are prepared to give large blocks of their time to the Lord – whether learning at Spring Harvest or retreats, or serving Christ at missions, BB or YPF camps, etc. Should EVERY Christian expect to give a significant portion of their “holiday” each year to a Christian activity of some kind?

Lead on to a consideration of our talents/abilities/spiritual gifts. How can we be sure that we identify, develop and use our gifts to the full? How can we escape “the tyranny of the immediate and urgent”?

BIBLE PASSAGES: Ecclesiastes 3:1-13; Ephesians 5:15-17.

1. Find “extra” time this week for prayer, Bible Study, reading a Christian book.
2. Prepare for unit 4 (page 6 – hand out this week!)

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