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Preparing for Believer’s Baptism

Most churches use some kind of course to prepare candidates for Believer’s Baptism. Here is the course I wrote many years ago and have adapted through the years. bapprep-nsbc

Prepared To Give An Answer

Just to say that my new book “Prepared To Give An Answer” has now been published. Christians want to share their faith with their friends but many are scared that they won’t know what to say. By preparing ourselves to give an answer, every Christian can be more confident, wise, bold and effective in talking about […]

The Tater Family

Huge thanks to Steff Rooney who took the pictures for this PowerPoint of the Tater Family for Family Services Tater family by SR

Building a marriage – a short course

This leaflet sums up a short course for established couples wishing to deepen their relationship. It can be used in a group setting or by each couple at home. Building Your Marriage Spending time together Most couples marry because they want to spend their lives together. But as pressures of jobs and family increase they […]

New content on this blog – Articles from Church Magazines

As this blog is now being integrated into my main website I am adding to it lots of material from other places. I have just added the articles from the magazine of North Springfield Baptist Church over the last three years. As well as all the sermons and Bible Studies at Other pieces I […]

Welcome to new readers

Welcome! Here is a a brief introduction for new visitors and an explanation to old friends:) Until recently this blog of thoughts was restricted to a small circle of interested friends. I have now updated to make “thoughts” public and kept on here items which I thought would be of general interest. I now […]

Juggling with Chickens

“Juggling with Chickens – Reflections on Pastoral Ministry today” is a book in progress. A variation of the first chapter was published in the Baptist Times. The current version lives online starting at I have added that first chapter here as a page linked from the menu bar above.

“The Prophet-hood of All Believers”

There is so much I would like to say about government by church meeting and that will have to wait for a later post. For today I have added a new page to this blog, “The Prophet-hood of All Believers”. This started life as an essay for Baptist ministerial Probationary Studies and was refined by […]


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