NSBC Prayer Video for EBA

The Eastern Baptist Association produces a prayer letter about one of our churches each week and a few times a year that takes the form of a video. NSBC has been chosen for a video so here is what the prayer video will say. Below that are the pictures and sound files that will go together to make the video.

Friends will know that I serve on EBA Council as Task Group Leader for Finance and Administration. In being elected to that post, the Moderator Linda kindly described me as “the one who keeps us all on the straight and narrow.” Well – somebody has to.

Here is the script for the NSBC Video.

“North Springfield Baptist Church on the Northern edge of Chelmsford is the closest evangelical church to twelve thousand people. Over recent years the church has grown from around 20 adults to 50 adults and 20 children of a dozen different nationalities. New folk have been drawn in by the warm welcome, relevant Bible teaching and lively worship in our two services every Sunday and by the midweek programme:

Two Toddler Groups have contact with more than 70 families. Drop In on Friday afternoon welcomes everybody for tea and cakes and friendly conversation. Haven Café every Thursday opens for breakfasts and lunches, coffees and cakes. This year a group of mums who started by coming in from the school gate for breakfast requested an Inquirers’ Group which now meets every Tuesday. A number of them have become Christians and one was baptised in September.

We reach out to our community in many ways including our website, our outward-facing newsletter Haven News and through Christmas and Easter cards delivered through thousands of doors. Special events are always popular, like our summer Family Fun Afternoon with special guests the Alpacas, and our Christmas Crafts afternoon.

We have exciting opportunities because we are the closest church to two thousand new homes currently being built on new estates nearby, with plans in the pipeline for thousands more, together with two new schools. The chief challenge we face is that our kitchen and our toilet facilities are inadequate. We have plans to build a small extension but raising the finance will be difficult.

As usual in a small church everybody is working very hard. The powerhouse is our weekly Tuesday evening prayer meeting, Draw Near to God, and our prayer times on alternate Sundays. We are very grateful for the fellowship and prayers of the Eastern Baptist Association.”

Here are the sound and picture files that can go with the script – but not necessarily in the right order. The first three are voiceover sound files in different formats


try 1

try 1

Now the pictures


EBA Video Script Final



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