“The Prophet-hood of All Believers”

There is so much I would like to say about government by church meeting and that will have to wait for a later post. For today I have added a new page to this blog, “The Prophet-hood of All Believers”. This started life as an essay for Baptist ministerial Probationary Studies and was refined by studying The Holy Spirit and Spiritual Gifts for the MA in Biblical Interpretation at London Bible College under the acknowledged international expert Professor Max Turner.

My understanding is that every Christian has received the Holy Spirit Who inspired the prophets and today gives prophecies, words of knowledge and wisdom and discernment to the church and potentially to every Christian. So government by church meeting is not democracy where everybody has an equal say. Rather it is theocracy where all recognise that God may choose to speak through whomsoever He chooses. That does not mean that everybody’s opinions carry equal weight. It does mean that all need to listen to God together.

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