Prepared to Give an Answer – my new(ish) book

My new book on helping Christians to be ready to take every opportunity to talk about Jesus.

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What is salvation?
What is the point of life?
How can we have a relationship with God?
How should we respond to the Good News?
Didn’t he used to be dead?
What makes you believe that God exists?
Just how did God make the world?
Can we trust the New Testament?
Is Jesus the only way to God?
How can we believe in God in a world so full of suffering?
What happens when we die?


Be prepared to give an answer
Why we don’t and why we should talk about Jesus
Preaching the gospel necessarily includes using words
Praying about talking about Jesus
Sharing my story
Ambassadors for Christ
Afterword – Taking every opportunity



“I wish I could have more conversations about Jesus.” Christians long to talk about Jesus Christ and share their faith with their friends and neighbours and colleagues. But many are scared that they won’t know what to say. We are afraid we will say the wrong things, or that people will ask us questions we cannot answer. The aim of this book is to help Christians to be more confident and wise, bold and effective in talking about Jesus.

Part 1, Questions People Ask, suggests the kinds of answers Christians might give to the most common questions on spiritual topics. Each chapter presents lines of thinking, Bible verses, memorable quotations and simple illustrations which will help Christians develop their own answers to the questions. We will be less afraid of talking about Jesus when we have in our minds some answers we might offer.

Part 2, Talking About Jesus, considers practically the general subject of why and how Christians can share our faith. We need to be taking steps to equip ourselves to take every opportunity to talk about Jesus: always be prepared to give an answer. (1 Peter 3:15). Starting by praying, we need to overcome the barriers which make us anxious about talking about our faith and about spiritual topics. We can prepare ourselves to share our experiences of the difference Jesus makes to our lives. And by reflecting on Part 1 we can think through the kinds of answers we can give to the questions people are really asking about faith and spirituality.

My hope and prayer is that this book will give practical help and encouragement so that Christians will indeed be prepared to give an answer – so that we can all talk more about Jesus.

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