Making Disciples One-to-One – Courses for Christian Growth

Making Disciples One-to-One

“Spiritual friendships” “Soul friends” “Prayer buddies” “Spiritual direction” “Spiritual formation” “Mentoring”

Most Christians would agree that meeting One-to-One for prayer and encouragement is a great idea. But very few actually do it. Here are practical resources to help believers at every stage become more devoted disciples of Jesus Christ by meeting together. The book is in five parts

· 1 Jesus Calls Us to be His Disciples
· 2 Twelve Great Reasons for Meeting One-to-One
· 3 Spiritual Friendships – ideas to help established Christians begin meeting One-to-One.
· 4 One-to-One for New Christians an eight session course on the basics of Christian discipleship
· 5 Fan the Flame – a guided course in discipleship for mature Christians meeting with a Guide.

The topics covered in Fan the Flame are:-

1) Knowing God better
a) Loving God and enjoying your relationship with God
b) Devotional Bible reading and understanding the Bible, doctrine and ethics
c) Worship
d) Your devotional prayer life
e) Intercessory prayer

2) Becoming like Jesus
a) Repentance and Holiness
b) Christian Victory and Overcoming Temptation
c) The Renewed Mind
d) The Fruit of the Spirit and Mastering your Emotions
e) Total surrender to the Lordship of Christ

3) Living in Christ’s body
a) Amazing Grace! Forgiving yourself
b) Forgiving other people – wounds needing healing
c) Loving other Christians and sorting out relationships
d) Church – Living in Fellowship and Community
e) Belonging and Accountability

4) Becoming a servant
a) The Cross as our example of sacrifice
b) Serving in the church
c) Being a faithful Steward
d) Loving our neighbour
e) Our Witness to the World

5) Be filled with the Spirit
a) Sharing Christ’s resurrection life – the empowering Spirit
b) The gifts of the Holy Spirit – Serving in God’s strength
c) Signs and wonders – the surprising Spirit
d) Passion for God
e) “Be filled with the Spirit” – experiencing the Holy Spirit

POSTSCRIPT: How you being a Guide can help other Disciples

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