The Whole Story – Reading the Entire New Testament in Three Months

Read the whole story of Jesus: the entire New Testament in thirteen weeks in an order which builds up your understanding week by week.

Here is a pattern of readings covering the whole of the New Testament in thirteen weeks, reading on 6 days each week allowing for one day’s pause each week.
There is an introduction to the New Testament books featured in each week’s readings and to their key themes and a practical and relevant Bible study each week on the key themes of one book.

On top of the great value of reading each passage you will also gain:

• The Big Picture – an overview of all the books of the New Testament;
• Where does it fit? See familiar passages in their wider context;
• Filling the gaps – reading parts of the New Testament you haven’t read for years, or maybe have never read;
• The whole book – you will read all but ten books in a single reading each;
• The satisfaction of completing the whole of the New Testament, especially if you have not read every part before;
• Enjoy the benefits of the habit of reading the Bible every day.

For a copy of the reading plan and study notes contact me

For the sermons which tie in with the reading plan, see here

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